This thing called weight loss

My dr has been on a mission to reduce my weight.  I think I am his special project.  I don’t mind to be honest.  He’s given me goals.  I haven’t met any of them.  I have lost some.  Not really trying in all honesty.  However, this is a new year and I feel the need to comply.  So, yesterday at my appointment I weighed in at 246lbs.  Not proud but when I started seeing him a little less than a year ago I was 260.  So there ya go.  He’s put me on a combo of phenteramine and topomax.  I’m not sure I like the side affects to be honest.  Today I feel tingling in my hands and face.  I hope they go away.  I also know insomnia is a side affect of one of them.  So we’ll see how this goes.  I am determined to go back in March having met the 10lb goal.

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