Here I Am Back Again

For some reason I stopped blogging. I really don’t know why. So I haven’t been on this blog since January. Since than a lot has happened. The last post was about weight loss. Well I’ve lost close to 60lbs and several clothing sizes. I love the weight loss but it’s really not good on the bank account when I need new clothes. That part is fun. So here’s what’s been up. Not a lot. In Feb my niece and I started plans to go to Comic-Con in San Diego this past July. So we went. It was AWESOME! We had a great time. Saw some of our favorite famous people up close and personal. That was pretty cool. I also got involved in supporting ISF. That is the Ian Somerhalder Foundation. That has been the single most rewarding experience of my life. Through that I’ve met some amazing women and have gotten involved in supporting and promoting a little thing called Built of Barnwood. It’s a small business created by Ian and Robert Somerhalder. What they do is used reclaimed wood to create some amazing home decor. No trees are ever harmed in the making of these products. Check it out. I’ve gotten to know Bob very well. He’s the sweetest man, but don’t call him..You’ll never get the man off the phone.  My friend Becka and I started the “Official Built of Barnwood Blog” We’re endorsed and supported by the Somerhalders and the ONLY blog that is officially linked to their company. I was shocked when they agreed to allow us to do that for them. We promote the company and their products through the blog as well as make announcements regarding shipments and sales.  I’ve also started writing. It started as Fanfiction and I got a lot of positive response. Now I am slowly working it into general fiction. The story I am working on now is something very different than what I have written before. I was scared about it at first and I thought if I’m scared to do it then I NEED to do it. So I did and It’s getting awesome reviews.

I’m also getting into other blogging ventures. Becka and I did the Charitable Influence blog for ISF in August. In October we’re doing Blog Action Day over on our BOB blog. I’m probably going to add this blog too the lost of participants as well and today I saw a friend post in Google+ about BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo for the month of Oct. So I decided to join that with this blog.

Needless to say I’ve been a busy girl between work, road trips, activism, volunteering, fundraisers and blogging..When do I sleep? hardly ever.

So stay tuned for the first entry in the NaBloPoMo Daily

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