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What a day….


I started thinking about this post early this morning when I had a customer say to me, “you’ve worked here a long time” and we started talking about how she remembered me being there when she got her drivers license (way to make me feel old lol) I get that a lot. Fact is….I’ve been at my job for, nearly, 18 years. Looooooong time to be in the grocery business. I’ve seen co-workers come and go. Some have passed away of old age. 2 suicides. 2 from cancer. I’ve watched co-worker’s kids grow up and move on to their own lives. Have their own kids. 3 store managers….I could keep going but I won’t.

The situation that happened today though was a first. My co-worker, whom I’ve worked with for all these 18 years, fell and broke her leg. Right there in my department. I’ve never been so shaken in my life. I’ve never seen anything so horrific. Legs aren’t suppose to bend at that angle. I went into crisis mode that I never knew I was capable of and got things taken care of. Her husband came running, he works in our store, the paramedics came and off she went to the hospital.  As for me….It took me a while to calm down but I’m fine. More concerned about my friend.

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