Doesn’t feel like home

I don’t have the gift of discernment, my mom does, but I don’t. That doesn’t mean that I don’t know when things aren’t right. 6 and a half years ago we walked into our church and instantly felt at home. We were welcomed with open arms and hugs from people we didn’t even know. Over the last 2 years or so things have started to change. The seats aren’t as full as they once were. A lot of people have left. There aren’t hardly any youth or young families. It’s gotten cold and feels spiritually stagnant. The church isn’t alive anymore. Our Deacons have all stepped down or have left, feeling they have no other choice. And this saddens me deeply. We’re not a family anymore. There is only one way, one point of view. There is no seeing someone elses point of view. It’s one way or the highway. What some people don’t understand is that if you are unwilling to bend you are going to break and things have been broken for months now, Sadly to the point of no return.

I’m feeling the pull to move on. I’m doing my homework. Listening to some sermons online. Reading statements of faith.

We will see.

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