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It’s an adventure…

Life these days, Don’t you think? wpid-img_20150924_124317

but seriously, I am going on an adventure. I’m going to Walmart! Exciting right? I haven’t been there in over a month. I wonder if it’s changed….

I wouldn’t be going except I have a computer to pick up. So I decided to do my grocery shopping since I’m there. I was talking to my niece on Snapchat the other day. On a selfie she took she captioned “all dressed up and nowhere to go” Isn’t that the truth. I told her I have all these cute clothes and nowhere to wear them. How sad life has gotten. So when I got dressed this morning, to go on my adventure to Walmart, I thought “oh boy! I get to wear cute clothes to the store!” What did I put on? Leggings and an oversized  t-shirt :/

Such is life in the Covidverse

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