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Play Ball!

It’s baseball season

For my mom, and many others in the country, 2020 was a living hell. Watching my dad slowly decline and eventually passing away (he didn’t die of covid). Covid took it’s toll on a lot of us and things we love. Including baseball.

Every year, for a lot of years, my parents went to the Arizona Diamondbacks home opening game. For the last few years they haven’t been able to go because of my dad’s failing health and mobility. Last year my mom and I were talking about a future without my dad and I made her a promise, If it turned out to be just the 2 of us come baseball season, I would take her to opening day, and I did.

My mom has been a baseball fan her whole life. Going to Dodger games with her dad when she was a kid. The when I was a kid we went to Angels games and later Padre games.

A few years ago, we were leaving a Diamondbacks game and we ran into Joe Garagiola Sr. Well that made my mom’s day. She got to meet her hero. Do you think anyone of us took any pictures? Nope! This past Friday was the season home opener and guess who we ran into….Joe Garagiola Jr. Sr passed away a few years ago. I told my mom she HAD to talk to him. So she got up the nerve and told him the story of meeting his dad, her hero.

This time we got the evidence

Is she cute or what!!

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It’s Finally December…

We’ve finally made it to December! The final stretch in what has been a very long year. I hope you all came out of it relatively unscathed.

For many of us, this has been a year of learning. About ourselves and others. We’ve seen some good and some bad. Some have lost loved ones. Some have lost friends. Either because of Covid or by other means. One thing I have learned, not just this year but in years and months leading up to 2020, is to watch what people say and things people post. These things speak volumes. The way someone speaks to you shows more about them than it does you. It took a while but after one confrontation early this year I decided I needed to take a step back, so I could see things more clearly. I still wasn’t ready to let go though. Even after my integrity and character were attacked. I’m a slow bloomer I suppose. So…After the 3rd, and final, confrontation, I took the final step back and closed the doors.

So, going into the new year, if I’ve learned anything, It’s to be kind. Speak kindly to people. Just because someone isn’t as intelligent as you, doesn’t converse the way you think they should, doesn’t make them any less of a person and undeserving of kind words.

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Can We Turn Back Time?


I think we need to turn back the clock to December 31, 2019 and start this year over….Only with a better outcome. This week has been especially weird. My friend’s mother passed away. Another friend of a friend went into the hospital and may not make it. Last night another friend’s grandpa died.  None of these are covid related. And on top of all of that…..

Melissa Etheridge’s son died of a drug overdose


I cut my finger at work.

Stick a fork in me, I’m done….