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Purging Social Media

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I’m social media purging. This month I have deactivated 2 twitter accounts and just closed a blog. I never use the twitter accounts so they won’t be missed and I got tired of the book blog. It started to become too much. I felt like I was constantly sitting on my computer putting blog posts together. I have better things to do with my life than to be on social media every waking moment of my life. I feel like Facebook may be next. I just don’t feel the need to know every aspect of a person’s life.

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Bonds of Blood & Spirit: Loyalties


If you haven’t yet read this book I suggest that it be the next on your list.  If you like vampires, wolves, or shifters…This book is for you.

This book is full of action, adventure, love story, and the bond between a small group of friends who soon become Pack and bond themselves together in honor, loyalty and spirit.  You will fall in love with the characters. You will cry for them, cheer them on and be on the edge of your chair at times.  You may even hold your breath from time to time.  All in all it’s an amazing book.

Look for it on amazon.com or follow the link on my sidebar.

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Tracy Lawrence Fans Out There!!


Have you all seen the Facebook feeds from his page? Well there is a new CD coming out next month. August 20th to be exact. Well now you can pre-order. Just follow any of these links.

iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/id668873040

Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Headlights-Taillights-Radios-Tracy-Lawrence/dp/B00766EB2O/ref=sr_1_2?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1374777100&sr=1-2&keywords=tracy+lawrence

or go to his website for deluxe packages http://bit.ly/1732yh6


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Bonds of Blood & Spririt: Uncivil Wars


For the last six months, Diego Beauchamp had been the rock-solid pillar of support for the Morgan Foundation’s newest Pack. His strong leadership brought Regina and Harry through the most difficult time of their lives and now, he had to do the same for Cole.

Their trip to Portland, Maine was supposed to be nothing more than routine and protocol. Diego had gone through it a few times before with other fledglings. Cole would go before the Council and present his case, and the Council would release him to the Foundation’s custody for further training. Case closed.

But this time everything goes horribly wrong, jeopardizing the very core of the Pack and threatening to expose Diego’s carefully protected secrets and the past he has so carefully tried to forget.

The past won’t be ignored any longer.


Come like the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/bondsofbloodandspirit?fref=ts

This book is available on Kindle or here http://bondsofbloodandspirit.com/

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Bonds of Blood & Spirit: Loyalties


Regina Capalini, abandoned by her parents at age three, and the victim of a heinous crime, has been tossed away by the only Pack she has ever known. She has one last chance to impress her new Alpha, Diego Beauchamp, or be left to fend for herself as a rogue wolf, a sentence that will surely end in death.

Fate intervenes, not once, but twice, and plunges Regina into a fast-paced race against the clock to save the life of the stranger she just met.

In the midst of this harrowing life-threatening rescue, she comes to know five unique people who, in their own quirky and troubled ways, teach this misfit and broken girl the meaning of love, trust and loyalty, making her question everything she ever believed was true.

Together, they create an alliance, a new breed of Pack, one that changes the course of the future forever.


Get this book here http://bondsofbloodandspirit.com/ Also available in Kindle digital version.

Please come and “Like” the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/bondsofbloodandspirit?hc_location=stream

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Do You Like To Read?



These are too really amazing books and book #3 is on it’t way. If you like the supernatural, suspense and a little romance please come check these out.

They are available in hard cover here http://bondsofbloodandspirit.com/  Also available in digital Kindle version.

Please come like the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/bondsofbloodandspirit

Also..If you’re on Twitter please follow





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Love Jewelry?

As many of you may know..I don’t do a lot of promos but when it’s for a friend I’m all over it.  Do you love jewelry? Take a look at this site.


You can also check out the etsy site for more options


Here are just a couple examples

970853_394958127289179_339429736_n 941303_395475137237478_691545412_n


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A Short Promo..


Do you enjoy scrapbooking? Do you download digital kits? Then you need to check out this site.


New stuff is coming soon! If you are on Facebook check out the new page there as well.


Rachel is a dear friend. We’ve known each other for a long time. She and I ran MSN Groups together back when they existed. So check out these sites!  You won’t be disappointed.

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A Little Promo..


As a writer or, one who thinks of herself as a writer, I think it’s important to help my fellow writers promote their work. With that said, If you are an avid reader and  enjoy the supernatural world and fantasy genre please check out the works of some friends of mine.

Wendy Kelly and Deborah Dorchak

Check out their website http://bondsofbloodandspirit.com/

You can also follow them on Twitter for updates https://twitter.com/BoBaS_Loyalties

and last but never least they also have a Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/bondsofbloodandspirit

I know you won’t be disappointed.