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Bewitched by a Vampire


Bewitched By A Vampire. (Immortal Hearts of San Francisco book 6)
‼️Now available on pre-order‼️
Grab your copy on pre-order now!! If you have not read the series, it’s amazing and you don’t want to miss it!!!! (affiliate link)
Five years ago, Maggie and Vanessa received a psychic reading from the mysterious Madame Fontaine. And now the reckoning has come.
Will all the prophecies foretold by the mysterious medium from Tempted by a Vampire finally come true?
Be prepared to have your heart stolen once again by Bewitched by a Vampire, Book 6 in the Immortal Hearts of San Francisco series, and discover which of those predictions transpire into reality.
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Faith: Taking Flight


I don’t do book tours anymore but I still read…a lot…and when I saw this book I knew I HAD to read it. I haven’t yet but I plan to soon.

Here is the synopsis from Amazon

From Julie Murphy, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Dumplin’, comes the first in a two-book origin story of Faith, a groundbreaking, plus-sized superhero from the Valiant Entertainment comics.

Faith Herbert is a pretty regular teen. When she’s not hanging out with her two best friends, Matt and Ches, she’s volunteering at the local animal shelter or obsessing over the long-running teen drama The Grove.

So far, her senior year has been spent trying to sort out her feelings for her maybe-crush Johnny and making plans to stay close to Grandma Lou after graduation. Of course, there’s also that small matter of recently discovering she can fly….

When the fictional world of The Grove crashes into Faith’s reality as the show relocates to her town, she can’t believe it when TV heroine Dakota Ash takes a romantic interest in her.

But her fandom-fueled daydreams aren’t enough to distract Faith from the fact that first animals, then people, have begun to vanish from the town. Only Faith seems able to connect the dots to a new designer drug infiltrating her high school.

But when her investigation puts the people she loves in danger, she will have to confront her hidden past and use her newfound gifts—risking everything to save her friends and beloved town.

Faith on Amazon

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Character and Integrity


Yesterday my character and integrity were attacked. All because I said I didn’t like the color of a certain military branch uniform. I was told that I intentionally insult people and that i don’t care about this person’s family member and the war they served in. Not once did I even mention a specific person nor any war. I was chewed up and spit out for using the words “basic blue”. As it turns out, this person also feels that I unsulted the whole branch.

As anyone who knows me will tell you, I am not the type of person who will intentionally insult another human being. ESPECIALLY not a member or any branch of our military. I have the utmost respect for our men and women serving in the armed forces and to say anything different is an insult to me and my character.

I’ve been deeply hurt by this whole situation.

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Churches ARE Essential


Today the President deemed churches as essential business. Funny….I was told church wasn’t essential and should stay closed. I guess the President disagrees, I agree with the President.  2 more weeks and we can get back to services. I can’t wait to see my church family again!

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Can We Turn Back Time?


I think we need to turn back the clock to December 31, 2019 and start this year over….Only with a better outcome. This week has been especially weird. My friend’s mother passed away. Another friend of a friend went into the hospital and may not make it. Last night another friend’s grandpa died.  None of these are covid related. And on top of all of that…..

Melissa Etheridge’s son died of a drug overdose


I cut my finger at work.

Stick a fork in me, I’m done….

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Workplace Injury



What a pain in the neck! In, nearly, 19 years at my job I have never filed an injury claim, until Monday. I got a small cut on my finger but because of the nature of my job, my hands were covered with gasoline, rusty water and god knows what else and since my last tetanus shot was over 10 years ago, I thought I should report it. The cut wasn’t large but it was deep and it bleed really good at first. So I filled out the paperwork and then spent an hour on the phone.

Long story short…Later that day I got my tetanus shot, which included a pertussis booster (which I am sensitive too) and spent the next 2 days with a fever.

Fun times.


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Feeding America


Feeding America is a US based non profit organization networking more than 200 food pantries, shelters, soup kitchens and other community organizations across the country that help feed the hungry. My church is a local food box distribution center. Our donations come from the United Food Bank in Mesa Arizona, a member of Feeding America.

To make a donation, find a food bank or find out how you can help follow this link

Feeding America

Recently, singer Pat Benatar posted on her Facebook page that her daughter Hana had teamed him with Guilty Minds Clothing. Selling face masks as a fundraiser for Feeding America. I got mine last week and I love it. They are really cute and super soft.

I’m probably going to order a pink one as well

94640148_10156808941166790_3265287520014827520_n 95126404_10156808941146790_9130836472541216768_n

No matter how you get your face mask, helping is helping.

If you want to order one of these masks or know more about Guilty Minds Clothing click the link below.

Guilty Minds Clothing