Special Olympics · Volunteering

Are you A Supporter?


Do you give to charity or support a non profit organization?

Now is the time to start.

One of the great things I love about my employer is that we support charities and employ adults with special needs.  During different times of the year we have our charity campaigns. Friday we start our campaign for Special Olympics.


My store teams up with the city police department for “bag with a cop”. The off duty officers give their time to come into our store and help with bagging groceries and helping customers to their cars. All for donations to the Special Olympics of Arizona.

The employees also help with donations by paying to dress down.  $10 per week to help a very worthwhile organization.


So if you walk into a Safeway store please open your hearts and donate to this organization.

NaNoWriMo · Writing



Well, it’s that time. Yep NaNoWriMo is here. I may not survive this.  Although I don’t know why I’m so nervous about this. I write all the time. It’s not like this is the first time I’ve ever written anything. I’ve just never written anything of this magnitude.  So I’ll probably lose a lot of sleep in the next 30 days. Go a little more gray (under the blond highlights) and maybe eat way too much chocolate, but I suppose it will all be worth it in the end. An accomplishment. An achievement.  So off I go into the land of the WriMo’s

NaNoWriMo · Writing

It’s 2 Days Away

With National Novel Writing Month only 2 days away I’m beginning to panic a little.  I’m really not sure why. I know I can do it. 1667 words a day for 30 days is a walk in the park. My average chapter is around 2500 words. What’s got me in a panic is the fact that I have no idea what my novel is going to be about. I guess I shouldn’t say that I have no idea, I have a small idea. I have a few pieces of stories stored on my computer that were never finished. Maybe now is the time to tie them all together into one long EPIC 50,000 word piece of written art. The other thing that makes me nervous is that it’s a first draft. NO EDITING!  These people obviously don’t know me. I have this internal editor that lives inside me. She loves to come out and play.  Uploading without editing is going to kill me. I’m a perfectionist for crying out loud! Especially when it comes to my writing. I MUST EDIT! Some other writer friends of mine were giving me pep talks last night.  Telling me to throw her (my editor alter ego) in the closet and throwing away the key. I’ll do my best but it ain’t gonna be easy my friends, it ain’t gonna be easy.  You should see that I do to chapters before they actually make it to my website for publishing.

Anyway, I just need to stop over thinking it. I just have to accept that it’s a rough draft and get over it. Right?



I’m not going with today’s NaBloPoMo topic because the topic is acting and I haven’t any experience in that. So since we can go our own direction if we want to I am going to do so.

I’m a writer. Maybe not a very good one but the response I get from the short stories I publish online makes me think they are pretty good. I started writing fanfiction first, which is pretty simple. You just write what you know.  My latest story is a step away from the fanfiction genre. A small step but a step none the less.  So, Yesterday I saw a trend on Google+ for the NaNoWriMo and for those who don’t know that is the National Novel Writing Month. I have a friend who has done this a few times so I thought about it and got scared about it. Once I got scared I knew I need to do it. When I got the idea for my current story it scared me as well because like I said it was stepping away from what I know. I told myself that if it scares me then it’s something I NEED to do. I needed to over come that fear. So with nervous fingers I went to the NaNoWriMo site and registered. It’s now official.  Now I just need to do some prep work. Which is also something new for me. I’m not that kind of writer really. I just usually get Ideas that pop into my head and off I go with them, but what I think I will do is write a sequel to what I am writing now. That idea came to me in the middle of the night as ideas sometimes do.

So I titled this post Courage because what I’m doing takes courage. Courage to step out of my comfort zone and try new things.