My Readers

I started writing several months ago, well let me correct that, I picked it up again several months ago.  As I said in a previous post I started with fanfiction and have slowly started easing into general fiction. Anyway, I have fans (not bragging believe me) they read my work and leave reviews on my  stories. When I take too long updating they email me asking when I will be updating. When I end a story they are sad and ask me to pleeeeeease keep it going. It’s crazy. So Checking my email while I have a story in progress is always fun. A few days ago I uploaded and published a new chapter. Today I get home from work and as I typically do I checked my email. Waiting for me is a review on the chapter and an email from the reader that says “Chapter 6!!! OH MY GOD SHE HAS A STALKER!!”  Indeed she does.



I’m not going with today’s NaBloPoMo topic because the topic is acting and I haven’t any experience in that. So since we can go our own direction if we want to I am going to do so.

I’m a writer. Maybe not a very good one but the response I get from the short stories I publish online makes me think they are pretty good. I started writing fanfiction first, which is pretty simple. You just write what you know.  My latest story is a step away from the fanfiction genre. A small step but a step none the less.  So, Yesterday I saw a trend on Google+ for the NaNoWriMo and for those who don’t know that is the National Novel Writing Month. I have a friend who has done this a few times so I thought about it and got scared about it. Once I got scared I knew I need to do it. When I got the idea for my current story it scared me as well because like I said it was stepping away from what I know. I told myself that if it scares me then it’s something I NEED to do. I needed to over come that fear. So with nervous fingers I went to the NaNoWriMo site and registered. It’s now official.  Now I just need to do some prep work. Which is also something new for me. I’m not that kind of writer really. I just usually get Ideas that pop into my head and off I go with them, but what I think I will do is write a sequel to what I am writing now. That idea came to me in the middle of the night as ideas sometimes do.

So I titled this post Courage because what I’m doing takes courage. Courage to step out of my comfort zone and try new things.