Operation Christmas child

Operation Christmas Child


This is my favorite time of year because I get to participate in Operation Christmas Child.

Sadly there are children all over the world who get no Christmas at all. So Samaritan’s Purse started this project as a way to give kids a Christmas.

Have you ever wanted to do something? Anything? But don’t know what to do? Here is your way to give a Christmas to a child who wouldn’t otherwise have one.

You can do it how ever you want. I go to the dollar store and get a shoe box size plastic tote and I fill my box with everything from travel size toiletries to small games and toys. You can do what ever you want.

Click on the link to visit the Operation Christmas Child website for more information

Operation Christmas Child



Donations Needed

If anyone following this blog..or not…Is in the Nashville area or within driving distance, the Nashville Rescue Mission is in need of mens clothing donations. Specifically shorts, pants, underwear, socks and shoes. This is an amazing Christian organization. If you can help out please take your donations to the address below.


Special Olympics · Volunteering

Are you A Supporter?


Do you give to charity or support a non profit organization?

Now is the time to start.

One of the great things I love about my employer is that we support charities and employ adults with special needs.  During different times of the year we have our charity campaigns. Friday we start our campaign for Special Olympics.


My store teams up with the city police department for “bag with a cop”. The off duty officers give their time to come into our store and help with bagging groceries and helping customers to their cars. All for donations to the Special Olympics of Arizona.

The employees also help with donations by paying to dress down.  $10 per week to help a very worthwhile organization.


So if you walk into a Safeway store please open your hearts and donate to this organization.