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Sooooo much has changed since my post of October 1st.

Our church is healing. We are in the process of organizing a pastor search committee. Most of the deacons that stepped down have been brought back, after much prayer. We’re in the process of repairing our worship ministry. We have had some wonderful pulpit fills. God is definitely working in our church. Our family is restored, or getting there. A few families that were run off have started to trickle back in. We have youth and children in our church again, which is wonderful.  It’s astounding the damage one person can do to a church and equally as astounding is the healing hand of God.




When I saw the theme for this months blog event and then saw the prompt for today’s blog I have to say I though all of those things.  I know many times people put on masks to cover up feelings or things they are going through. Either because they don’t want to deal with them or because they don’t want others to see what they are going through. I know this is true in my own life. Probably in everyone’s lives at some point.

You have the mask of protection from being hurt again.  So you pretend everything is ok. Which leads to the covering and performance which leads to the mask of persona because you then become a whole different person.  It’s a dangerous cycle because you’re not really dealing with the problem at the core. Taking off the masks and allowing others to see what is going on is part of the healing. It’s tough I know. Been there.