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Feeding America


Feeding America is a US based non profit organization networking more than 200 food pantries, shelters, soup kitchens and other community organizations across the country that help feed the hungry. My church is a local food box distribution center. Our donations come from the United Food Bank in Mesa Arizona, a member of Feeding America.

To make a donation, find a food bank or find out how you can help follow this link

Feeding America

Recently, singer Pat Benatar posted on her Facebook page that her daughter Hana had teamed him with Guilty Minds Clothing. Selling face masks as a fundraiser for Feeding America. I got mine last week and I love it. They are really cute and super soft.

I’m probably going to order a pink one as well

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No matter how you get your face mask, helping is helping.

If you want to order one of these masks or know more about Guilty Minds Clothing click the link below.

Guilty Minds Clothing



When I saw the theme for this months blog event and then saw the prompt for today’s blog I have to say I though all of those things.  I know many times people put on masks to cover up feelings or things they are going through. Either because they don’t want to deal with them or because they don’t want others to see what they are going through. I know this is true in my own life. Probably in everyone’s lives at some point.

You have the mask of protection from being hurt again.  So you pretend everything is ok. Which leads to the covering and performance which leads to the mask of persona because you then become a whole different person.  It’s a dangerous cycle because you’re not really dealing with the problem at the core. Taking off the masks and allowing others to see what is going on is part of the healing. It’s tough I know. Been there.