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It’s Christmas Box Day


Today was the day! My mom and I did our shopping for our Christmas boxes. It’s always so much fun. We go to the dollar tree and load up a shoe box size tote with fun things and some practical things.


We always chose to do a girl so we get girlie hair things. We add fun things like note pads. Pens and pencils. Fun little games.  This year we found some fun little bracelet making kids. We also get useful things such as toothbrushes and toothpaste, soap, wash cloths, deodorant.


It all fits 🙂


Here is the loot. Hard to believe all that fit into the box.


If you are interested in doing a box follow the link below. Time is running out.



Operation Christmas child

Operation Christmas Child


This is my favorite time of year because I get to participate in Operation Christmas Child.

Sadly there are children all over the world who get no Christmas at all. So Samaritan’s Purse started this project as a way to give kids a Christmas.

Have you ever wanted to do something? Anything? But don’t know what to do? Here is your way to give a Christmas to a child who wouldn’t otherwise have one.

You can do it how ever you want. I go to the dollar store and get a shoe box size plastic tote and I fill my box with everything from travel size toiletries to small games and toys. You can do what ever you want.

Click on the link to visit the Operation Christmas Child website for more information

Operation Christmas Child